Baseline Environment - Prototype 1

Baselining a patient/client before immersing the subject in an anxiety inducing VR environment is always advisable.

That is why we are baselining our test subjects with a neutral environment. This screen capture is an early version (subject to change based on research findings) of the scene we will be including in PHOBOS alpha.

Airport and Airplane Environments Teaser

We wanted to share with you the progress we´ve been making with our Airport and Airplane scenes aimed at Aerophobia (fear of flying) and PTSD (think Brussels terrorist attacks). We still have a long way to go before they are usable but nonetheless, we expect to have a working version ready for our alpha release later this year.

PHOBOS Alpha Updates & Research News

March 30th 2016 - We think you will all be interested in hearing this update regarding our alpha release of PHOBOS.

We've been making good progress towards our intended (alpha) release date of Q3 2016.

The Alpha pre-release will include the following scenes:

The City: multipurpose environment for claustrophobia, agoraphobia, acrophobia, ornithophobia, arachnophobia
Subway: claustrophobia and agoraphobia
Apartment: claustrophobia and arachnophobia
MRI Room: claustrophobia, fear of medical environments
Baseline Scene: a neutral scene to assess baselines for VR exposure therapy
Subliminal Processing: an environment built to assess visual processing speeds of a feared stimulus (spiders). Suitable to discern between lymbic (amygdalic) and cognitive/emotional activation.

We are also making progress towards our airport and plane environments for aerophobia plus adding functionality to all previous environments.

Some of these scenes are also currently being tested by a few universities in creative ways that exceed the purpose that we had given them internally. We are very happy to realise that creative teams have found more uses for PHOBOS' environments than those we envisioned.

After reaching the afforementioned development milestones, we will move towards  adding support for multiple insects and animals.

On the research side, we have acquired all necessary clearances by insurance companies and ethics committee. Our first batch of experiments have been validated by our methodologist and we are moving onto the scientific validation of some of our virtual environments.

We thank you for your patience along this road. We, more than anyone else, want to get PHOBOS into your VR headsets as soon as we can.


PsyTech on Fusion Channel

March 25th 2016 - We are very proud to share with you the short documentary done by Fusion Channel during our participation at the CYPSY20 conference at UCSD (University of Southern California San Diego).

Half of the documentary focuses on PHOBOS while the second one physical medicine at the UCLA Medical Center: