Manage Your Fears

An Augmented Reality Tool for Mental Health professionals and an App for people who suffer from specific phobias


Developed by Psychologists

For Psychologists, Psychiatrists and with the general public in mind. PHOBOS can be used to complement traditional Cognitive-Behavioral therapies.

Aggressive Development Timeline

We plan to Update PHOBOS regularly to increase its feature set, technology integrations, capabilities and services.

Affordable and Flexible

PHOBOS is the first tool of its kind in the world. It was conveived to be used both as a treatment tool during session and as an at-home complement to therapy

Community Driven

Update priorities will be based both on our internal timeline and feedback/requests from our users. The project's progress will always be publicly available

PsyTech has been working with Immersive Technologies since 2013. We are about to complete Argentina's first independently funded research program in Immersive Technologies using our Virtual Reality Platform. PHOBOS VR's Source Code is freely available upon request after a short verification process to ensure it will be used for research.
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"The World's First Markerless Augmented Reality Application Designed Specifically for Mental Health."

PHOBOS has two Modules: the DESENSITIZATION and BiSAR modules. Desensitization functionality provides you with a set of creatures with predefined behaviors that you can set before handing the device over to your client/patient. This way you can control the exposure level, such as distance to the phobic element, size (when applicable) and desired behavior.

The BiSAR (Bilateral Stimulation and Assisted Reprocessing) module is based on J. Shapiro's discovery and technique (EMDR) and utilizes the device's sensors and features to provide haptic, auditory and visual feedback for comprehensive EMDR treatments of specific phobias, stressing situations and PTSD.

PHOBOS AR capabilities add a new layer to EMDR treatments.

As we mentioned before, what features and guided sessions are implemented first will depend on our users' feedback and requests.

With that said, our plan is to implement as soon as possible the following features:

  • Heart Rate Monitoring through Apple's Watch
  • More creatures and augmented experiences
  • Breathing and relaxation exercises
  • An improved EMDR module
  • Tutorials
  • Audio prompts, cues and guidance
  • Session Video/Audio recording
  • User profiles with the ability to store session information so it can be shared with your therapist.
  • Metrics and statistics
  • Face/Emotion Recognition (only compatible with iPhone X)

You can reach out to us via social media on Facebook or Twitter. You can also use the Contact Form below to get in touch.

PHOBOS AR is now available on the AppStore. It is compatible with iPhone 6s and newer models (iPhone 7/8 recommended), iPad 2017 and iPad Pro in all of its versions.

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